What Our Customer Say.

Ted Sage - eLube
LOF-XPress™ Oil Change
"We chose to go with eLube due to our special interfacing needs with our write-up kiosks, with our digital queuing system, with our integrated audio/video with each service ticket, along with a number of other system integration needs. They have been exceptional to work with in trying to understand our specific workflow and tailoring eLube to help enforce our desired 'best practices'. I would highly recommend eLube and the eGenuity folks."

Hank Strickland - Auto Data
Shell Rapid Lube
"My Partners and I took over a small chain of four Texaco Xpress Lube Service Centers in January of 2001. The locations came equipped with another fast lube computer software system. As you know, to be successful in our business, customer service is extremely important! So I was determined to start off with the best customer service in the business. I knew that meant I would have to have good people! my plan was to spend virtually all of my time recruiting, training and helping our people to ensure they had the knowledge, attitude and ability they would need to properly serve our customers. In short I was going to out service my competition. However, I found way too much of my time went to training our people on the computer system and our managers were building relationships with technical support more so than with our customer base!

After searching my options and a few price quotes I decided to go with Auto Data. Auto Data's windows based system made training a new employee a snap, and before long I was back on track, and with a system that just works! The technical support is great when you need it but our Managers are now on a first name basis with our customers and not technical support. Over the years Auto Data has kept up with the ever changing technological needs of our industry, from the addition of hand held VIN scanners, in house email system, Parts Pronto, the back office system, Win Terminals (virtually indestructible POS units) to the recently updated Inventory Enterprise Control system. With Inventory Enterprise Control I now have complete control of all seven locations with regards to anything inventory related! Adding or deleting specific part numbers up to entire product lines, global price changes, creating and setting up service packages right down to entering new employees, and no matter where I find my self in the world, if I can get to the internet I know what's going on in my business! If you are considering a new computer system I strongly endorse Auto Data! "
Pat Dattilio - Sage
Grease Monkey
"It’s all in the presentation”, says Pat. “Customers look at the color-coded gauges of the Service Maintenance Schedule, and they immediately decide what they want done today. Turns out, it’s a lot more than we were selling before those gauges.” “In fact, when I saw how well we were doing with the basic Service Maintenance Schedule, I immediately added the Preventive Maintenance Module to show even more recommended service gauges. Now my ticket averages are up over 37%!” “In fact, I’d say we’re on track to become the top Grease Monkey in the country!"

Gilberto Galceran - Sage
South East Lube Expresss
"The installation was a breeze- your techs showed up as promised to transfer our data to the new system and train our staff at all five of our locations. We didn’t have to ship our computers and wait for our data like the other company that we were using... We were also very impressed with the response time and knowledge of your tech support. From a managerial point, the amount of data and reports available to us is very impressive."

Kevin Davis - eLube
J&K Holdings
"Our partnership with eGenuity 2007 continues to be a great business decision and has allowed us to grow and expand our business. The eGenuity line of products allows me to run on solution for both my Quick Lubes and Car Washes which is the way it should be and just makes sense. An array of products including seamless integration to my accounting package, robust and flexible marketing tools, and informative management tools has giving me a competitive advantage by keeping me informed and allowing me to be creative. Not having to worry about the Point-of-Sale solution on a daily basis and when adding new sites is a big relief. The eGenuity Team has always been responsive and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend eGenuity and their products."